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March 3, 2020 PA

I first ordered Femora for breast cancer in 2007 when I researched and found I could get 100 pills for $98 from a Canadian Pharmacy compared to $1100 for 90 in the USA and took that medicine for 5 years. Today I take several medications for COPD. One, Anoro, which costs from Canada, including the discount available, $307 for three 30 dose inhalers which SAVES me $1000 every 3 months. Pro Air inhalers cost approx $375 each in the USA and I get 3 from Canada for less than the price of one. I also obtain my pet's medications from Canada if the price is substantially lower.

January 15, 2020 Eunice

In 2003 I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. We were then on group insurance through my husband's employer. He retired in 2012 and got medicare and AARP. Because I am 11 yrs younger I no longer had group ins and had to get private ins. The cost of the one medication went from $10 a month to over $700 a month. No generic. A generic became available but was still over $600 a month. Needless to say I had to look for an alternative. Canadian online pharmacy! I was able to purchase the name brand medication for $345 for a 3 month supply. I was recently placed on a medication that was $498 a month stateside and I once again able to get a 3 month supply which in my case is 180 pills for $345. The cost of medication in the United States is absolutely ridiculous and unaffordable. So many of the elderly do not take their medication as perscribed because of cost. The companies who make the meds are collecting billions while the costs continue to rise... Canadian Pharmacies are a BLESSING

December 3, 2019 Massachusetts

Currently we order a total of three medications from Canada for my wife and myself. Included for myself are Vytorin for cholesterol and Januvia for diabetes. My wife’s medication is Ezetimebe for cholesterol. We save $303 per month with medications from Canada that are identical (same packaging, brand label, and pill configuration) to that sold in the United States. The cost ratio of US / Canada for a 90 day supply of these medications is Januvia @ 8.3, Vytorin @ 17.6, and Ezetimebe @ 29.2. With the formulary changes (more restrictive) slated for 2020 on our Medicare Part D coverage we are planning for an additional two medications to be purchased through Canada. Without the cost benefit of buying from Canada, we would likely forego our doctor’s recommendations for these medications.

July 5, 2019 CA

Shocked to find that Glumetza which I need for control of my diabetes costed $3900 per month for 60 tablets! Yes 3900 per month! I was able to import this from Canada for the past 4 years at $110 per month. Shame on US drug companies. All their CEOs should be jailed for jeopardizing consumers lives in lieu of profit and fat cat bonuses.

May 25, 2019 Oregon

A couple years after going on medicare and getting health net as my supplemental I found I was going into the doughnut hole within about 8 months each year of my yearly plan starting over. The reason, my medication for chronic pulmonary disease. A drug called Spiriva is my life line and in the United States it costs over $800 for a 90 day supply. Now a 90 day supply is only 90 capsules which have to be inhaled into the lungs. This drug alone is 85% more reasonable in Canada. Being retired now for 17 years and on a fixed income I need this to survive. I get my inhalers from them too at a greatly reduced cost.

May 8, 2019 Virginia

I've already shared with you my story about saving on Advair by buying it via an online Canadian pharmacy. The last time I checked, it was $385 for a discus in the cheapest local pharmacy, but I can get 3 of them for $80 from Canada. I also get albuterol and an Epipen from Canada. Nobody here stops to think that the Canadian government has no reason to put its citizens at risk when negotiating with Big Pharma for better drug pricing. Yet the misconception exists even among otherwise liberal, intelligent US pharmacists.

Something which is not an issue specific to Canada, but exists globally, is that generic thyroid medication does not have enough of the drug to work properly. Too much filler, I suspect. I have 4 family members who have had thyroid problems and they have found this out in profoundly disturbing ways.

Thank you for trying to fix this problem.

May 7, 2019 Missouri

I have been buying my prescription drugs from Canada since I turned 65 and lost my private insurance and drug plan. At that time I needed 3 prescriptions, which after paying for a drug plan would have cost well over $600 for 3 months. Since then, I have switched one to an OTC, had one changed to an injection vs a pill, which is covered by medicare, and get the third from Canada, which also has a generic, unavailable in the US. That 3rd one would be well over $150 month here, I just received the brand name thru Canada for $48 for a 3 month supply.

April 26, 2019 Florida

I have two lung conditions, one is COPD and the other Bronchiectasis. I am on numerous meds for my conditions. My Spiriva is between $350.00-550.00/monthly in the US. Ordering it from Canada costs $185.00 for 90 days supply. I am so thankful I found [an online pharmacy in Canada], I couldn't afford it otherwise. Thank you

March 15, 2019 MA

My father, George, suffered from dementia. His doctor prescribed Memantine Hydrochloride. The cost at a US pharmacy was about $300 monthly. I was told about an online pharmacy in Canada by a friend that was much cheaper. I looked up the medication on their website and found they offered the med my father needed. I was totally astounded that I could purchase three months of this prescription at half the cost of one month at a local pharmacy. He paid just over $150 for a 3-month supply that would have cost $900 in the US. My father passed away in March 2018. I started buying my mother's medications from Canada as well. Recently one of the shipments of Lipitor was intercepted by the US Food and Drug Administration. My mother received a letter from them saying: Under FD&CA Section 503(b)(4), 801(a)(3) Misbranding "The article has been determined to be a prescription drug but does not include the symbol "RX only" on its label. " The letter also stated that she was given the opportunity to respond to a notice that the articles are subject to refusal of admission into the US and subject to destruction. She never received such notice as I am her POA and receive all her mail. The prescription was never destroyed and she actually received them before I received the letter from the FDA. I can't imagine how disturbing this could be to an elder dependent on receiving affordable medications and getting a letter from the FDA saying they are going to destroy their medications!

March 11, 2019 OH

One of my prescriptions was costing me $300.00 copay for ten pills/ $900.00 copay for a three month supply. I now get the same pills from Canada and pay roughly $85.00 for a three month supply. In just the past year that has saved me over $3000.00 dollars.