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October 17, 2017 FL

My Dr. order a prescription which I took to WalMart I have prescription insurance the pills cost $100.00 for 30 pills. Then I received notification that the insurance would no longer pay a portion for this prescribed medication. So I obtained a new prescription and sent it to Canada-now receive 84 pills for $91.00. Thank you

October 15, 2017 CA

When it come to using Canadian pharmacies, It's not just the savings on the price of drugs.
There is only one inhaler that I can use to control the mucus build-up in my lungs. All of the other ones use cortisteroids, which cause me serious side effects. Several years ago, the drug company that was manufacturing this inhaler, in the US, stopped the manufacturing. I can only get it from outside of the country. I have been using a Canadian company to supply me with this product. Without it, there would be serious consequences to my health. I am, in fact, paying a high cost, out of pocket, but the alternative is unacceptable.

October 14, 2017 Indiana

The medication is not covered by my health insurance. The cost from [an online pharmacy in Canada] is less than 1/2 of what is charged by the pharmacies I have checked.

October 10, 2017 MN

The prescription I required was not covered by my health insurance, and my cost in the U.S. would have been the prohibitive amount of $800.00. I was able to obtain it via Canada for $69.96.

October 9, 2017 IA

I have been on Wellbuterine XL for 20+ years. This medication was very useful and successful for me. I have a family history of depression and suicide. I have children of my own and I need to be a valuable citizen, wife, mother, daughter etc. When this drug went generic I was forced by my own private insurance to use the generic medication. It worked for a while but eventually stopped. I became very depressed and dispondent. I am married to a busy physician. We raised three children. I've had a high profile job and am involved in church and community activities. When I realized that I was contemplating death more often than food, I went to see my psychiatrist. I explained that there could be a correlation between the generic buproprian and the brand Wellbuterine. I needed the branded drug, at an increased dosage. After some time of trial and increases of dosage, along with the branded medication (which did in fact make a difference within a week of changing) I was beginning to feel normal again. The problem is that it costs over $3000.00 per month even after insurance. My private Blue Cross Blue Shield plan dropped the branded drug from their formulary. I was paying nearly $1000.00 per month for a premium on health insurance that was not willing to even help offset the cost of even one medication that I HAVE TO TAKE. Nothing else worked, of course I tried other medications in the past. I am able to purchase this branded medication from Canada for $400.00 a month. I pay taxes in the US. I work, and I am a contribution to society. If the drug is not available to me in the US at a price that no one can afford. Then why is it even a consideration to take away other options? In reality I have an upper middle class income and I am struggling to pay for medication because our government will not make the drug company keep some kind of control over the skyrocketing prices of their medication. While mental health in the US is at an all time high of being ignored, it is important to have somewhere to access the medication we need. I can purchase other things I want from Canada, and I should be able to purchase medication from there also. I have a prescription from a physician that is board certified in the US who oversees my care and no one should dictate to me where I buy my own medication.

October 4, 2017 Wisconsin

I am very satisfied with the quality and the money saved by using [an online pharmacy in Canada]. Please keep free enterprise alive and help average Americans.

October 4, 2017 Florida

My wife is healthy and 70 years old. One of her challenges is that the decrease in hormones caused by menopause creates dryness and irritation in her vagina. Needless to say it has forced us to limit the physical intimacy that we can have in our lives. Premarin cream is a solution to this problem. It used to be covered by insurance but is no longer. Without insurance, a 14gr tube sells in the US for $346! Via our Canadian pharmacy we can purchase the same tube of cream for less than $40..... that's 10 percent of the cost that American pharmacies charge. We're tired of being ripped off and penalized for living in the US, and we're tired of being ripped off by American pharmacies like Walgreens and the rest of 'Big Pharma'.

October 4, 2017 Arkansas

Diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago, which I had removed and was put on 5mg cialis by doctor. Had to turn to Canada because the U.S. too expensive.

October 4, 2017 New York

How is it that I can purchase 3 bottles of an eye pressure medication from a pharmacy in Canada, for less than my copay for one bottle in the states. Notice I said for less than my copay. Not the true cost of the drug in the states. Which is in the hundreds of dollars. Same med, same manufacturer, same size...hardly the same cost.

October 2, 2017 Texas USA

It astounds me that US pharma can gouge US residents for prescription drugs. The drug I ordered costs four times from the US what I can get it from the UK via you folks in Canada - Thank you.