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May 27, 2021 Florida, USA

I've had Rosacea for 25+ years and been treated with every product available for this disease. Anyone who understands the complications of this disease will understand my concern. The only two effective therapies for me through the years have been Oracea and Clyndamycin gel. When I was employed by a USA public company, my medication costs for these two meds were affordable. Now that I am retired and under Medicare, I have been unable to procure these medications (and not from lack of trying) because of their extremely high cost---Medicare does not and will not support these medications. They want to force me to apply medications that offer me no therapeutic effect!!! Oracea now costs $700+ and Clyndimycin is $2000 per a month's supply. The manufacturers offer no incentives for people under Medicare. How is a Medicare person to afford such outrageous costs? A Canadian pharmacy came to my rescue!!! $56 and $38, respectively!!! One begs the question: Why can't the USA offer the same medication affordability as Canadian pharmacies? Thank you, Nortwestern Pharmacy!!!

March 21, 2021 Kansas

I got 3 prescriptions filled 4-19-2021. I looked at my Aetna bill because they where
much higher. Glimepiride went from a cost of $1.81 to a cost of $29.58. Losartan/hct from a cost of $2.79 to $44.25. Atorvastatin from a cost to Aetna of $.85 to $38.25. The copay in 2020 was zero now is $15.00 per drug.

This was at Walgreens. So I checked CVS, Walmart and others, they had similar increases. I have searched the internet to find that some drugs have increased a modest 3% to 5% for 2021. This increase is closer to a 1000%.

March 15, 2021 Texas

I have resorted to purchasing my medication, Latuda, which I take for mental health, from an on-line Canadian licensed pharmacy. Because of changes to Medicare, I cannot afford my medication in the US. Medicare has made guidelines that restrict insurance companies from providing exceptions on tier 5 medications. My co-pay for my medication would be $700/month. I can buy a three-month supply for $550 including expedited shipping from Canada. They are very professional and send the medication promptly. If I did not have this option, I would not be able to afford my medicine. I don’t know how I would function. I need this medication.

March 15, 2021 New York

My Symbicort inhaler for asthma costs $250 per month in the U.S. When I order the same inhaler through a Canadian pharmacy, it only costs $46. Both inhalers are made by Astra Zeneca.

December 21, 2020 Oregon

I have been ordering out of Canada for approx. 2 years. I have a heart condition that requires Corlanor 7.5mg to regulate heart rate. The cost of 60 tabs (30 days) is approx. $500.00 List price in the USA. The good rx price is about $460.00. My insurance price is about $236.00. The generic Corlanor is $42.00 a month from Canada. I am not a rich person. If I had to buy the Corlanor in the USA, I would have to stop use or take a much smaller dose. Canada is willing to help the USA customers greatly reduce the price paid for some very expensive medications. Please continue to allow medications to be imported to the USA from Canada.

December 20, 2020 South Carolina

I have been ordering my prescription medication from a Canadian pharmacy for over 15 years. It has saved me thousands of dollars. My experience has always been very professional, efficient, responsive, and timely.

December 18, 2020 CA

Five years ago, my income was so low that I received money back from the government. Paying U.S. prescription prices even for just my most important medications Orphenadrine and Estradot would definitely have strapped me financially. Now, they are not covered by Medicare. Getting my prescriptions at affordable prices from Canadian pharmacies has been a lifeline.

December 18, 2020 Minnesota

I have asthma. Most of my inhalers cost hundreds of dollars a month. There was a period of time when I couldn't afford my inhalers (one cost $700/mo another was $400 a month). My doctor suggested I check into Canadian pharmacies and now I get all my inhalers for about $200 a month. I also have dry eyes from chemo (had cancer in 2004), so I need Restasis (around $700 a month in the US) to see well. I have recently been able to start getting that from Canada as well for a much-reduced cost (under $300/mo).

November 23, 2020 WISCONSIN

I am retired and living on Social Security. The prescription that I need to take daily, costs 3 times as much in the US versus what I pay for from an online Canadian pharmacy called Northwest Pharmacy. I rely on Northwest Pharmacy to provide an affordable solution to my medical needs.

Thank you!

October 28, 2020 NC

I am purchasing Januvia and Renexa from Canada for my diabetes and heart (angina) in the US these would cost me $140+ and $300+ respectively for 90 days with my insurance. In Canada, I can get them for $60 and $80 respectively without insurance.