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September 13, 2018 American Fork

Several years ago I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye and prescribed Restasis (cyclosporine), which was not covered by my insurance. When I took the prescription to the pharmacy I was told that the cost was $250/month! There was no way I could afford $250/month for these drops. Fortunately, my father told me about [an online pharmacy in Canada] and recommended I contact them to get this prescription. Their price for Restasis was 1/3 the price at the least expensive pharmacy I could find where I live. If the US continues to refuse to work on lowering pharmaceutical costs for all medications and Americans, then thank goodness we have this option.

September 4, 2018 Texas

My income is $40,000 a year. My mortgage, insurance and taxes on my house come to $18,000. Supplementary health and car insurance come to $5,000. That leaves me $17,000 for food, utilities and all other expenses. Stiolto costs $12,000 in the US and $1200 from Canada. I can manage $1200. No way can I manage $12,000!

August 13, 2018 Arkansas

I'm a 67 year old retiree who had his prostate removed in 2014 and my doctor prescribed cialis to combat impotence, or erectile dysfunction. My insurance won't cover what they call cosmetic drugs but I think as long as I'm under the care of my doctor this drug should be covered through my insurance. The drug is so expensive it forces me to order from Canada, which I think is disgraceful of my own country to put medicine out of reach for people like me and Congress should be taking a long hard stab at correcting this heavy burden.

August 7, 2018 Cleveland, Ohio

I had my prescriptions filled by [an online pharmacy in Canada] for three years. Now the IDIOT politicians are forcing me to pay SIX times as much for the name brand, or THREE times as much for the generic. IDIOTS from both sides of the aisle knocked down a bill to allow importation from Canada to continue, so don't think that your party is better then the other in this regard. Importation of drugs from India or China is dangerous, but Canada has good safety and quality policies regarding their drug companies. Hope to see our Canadian neighbors able to serve us again soon!

July 13, 2018 Texas

For sixteen years, I have ordered and received prescription drugs from Canada. I have never had a problem and have saved thousands of dollars receiving the same medications in the same manufacturers' containers with the same labeling as those medications I had previously purchased in the United States. I was saddened to learn that this is no longer possible. Why would the pharmaceutical companies punish the citizens of their own country? It can only be greed, made possible by their Lobbying of Congress and their support for those elected individuals in Congress who are also consumed by greed and have no compassion for their fellow man.

July 12, 2018 Texas

In 1993 I was diagnosed and treated for stage 4 cervical cancer. Then it reoccurred in 1997. After the birth of my second child and numerous complications with both births, I opted for a complete hysterectomy. I had a long history of female related health issues including cancer and ovarian cysts. It was my intention to alleviate as many of those issues as I could with the surgery. Due to this I was prescribed hormones by my doctor and after trying almost all there were on the market, I opted to control this with my diet and lifestyle. This worked for quite a few years until I turned 49 and started experiencing hormone related problems.

Being self-employed, health insurance had risen to the point where I could either pay my health insurance or obtain the hormone that I needed to treat my symptoms as the hormone I needed was not covered by my insurance. This was the only hormone I could take and was extremely expensive. I had to make the difficult decision of discontinuing my health insurance so that I could afford the hormone. I choose alternative and holistic methods and never went to a traditional doctor except for my gynecologist due to the cancer diagnoses.

In September 2017, my doctor found cancer for the 3rd time - a malignant tumor where my right ovary used to be – and I had to change my hormone medication. This hormone was even more expensive than the last and so I began to look for alternative sources to fill my prescription. I found [an online pharmacy in Canada], vetted them and decided this would be a great solution. The customer service, pricing, availability of the medication and the shipping methods all met with extreme satisfaction.

My ability to afford and obtain the ONLY medication I need is my highest priority for my health. This is extremely critical now, more than ever after my 3rd cancer diagnosis. There is one hormone I need and cannot afford it if the prescription is filled in the United States. I am an advocate of the right to choose where I obtain MY medication – this is MY health and MY life.

July 10, 2018 Toledo, Ohio

My wife's Doctor prescribed Mebendazole (generic), or Emverm (brand name) for Adrenal Cancer. This medication is only made by Impax Laboratories in the U.S. This drug has been in use worldwide since the early 70's for pinworms, and it use to cost less than a dollar a pill, and available over the counter in Europe and Canada. But since Doctors found that it helps different types of Cancers, Impax jacked up the price significantly. In the Toledo area pharmacies, a 34 day prescription can cost you as much as $28,000. I've also been quoted by CVS pharmacy for $486 a tablet. The prescription from my wife's doctor was for a 90 supply of 180 tablets and could cost over $78,000, but with my company insurance I could get a deal at $66,000. This is a good example of price gouging.

July 8, 2018 LA

My medication is so very expensive FDA should help change the reason healthcare is very expensive in this country because of some of the business.

July 5, 2018 Kansas

For me, the issue isn't about cheaper drugs, it's about the ability to keep a needed and irreplaceable orphan drug at all. I have Meniere's Disease. It is slowly taking my hearing and my balance. The only drug suitable for long-term use that effectively stabilizes my condition is betahistine dihydrochloride (old brand name "Serc"). Serc was developed in 1967, and was originally rejected in the US because of a lack of American effectiveness data. Unfortunately, by the time acceptable data was available to show its effectiveness in a large subset of Meniere's patients, its patent had expired and there was no longer any financial incentive to put it through the approval process in the US. So, for many years, it has been legal to possess Serc in the US but not legal for US pharmacies to sell. Hence, Meniere's patients have had to buy it mail order from other countries. I understand this availability is about to stop. Before I was on Serc, I had relatively frequent knock-down vertigo attacks. Serc had greatly reduced the frequency of these--my last knock-down vertigo attack was more than 2 years ago. Since I learned that my supplier can no longer ship to the US due to the President's trade policy, I have talked to my doctor. There are no other drugs on the US market that do what Serc does. So I face the prospect of returning to frequent vertigo attacks and accelerated loss of my hearing when my current supply runs out, just to satisfy the demands of the President's trade policy favoring American pharmaceutical manufacturers. And the stupid thing about this situation is that I'm not a "greedy" American trying to save money in a foreign market on drugs I "should" be buying at home. I am only trying to buy, via Canada, a necessary and irreplaceble drug that isn't sold in the US at all.

July 3, 2018 AL

My husband got his expensive drugs from [an online pharmacy in Canada] for over 10 years and saved us thousands of dollars. He died 3 years ago but now I find myself in need of a very expensive heart medicine. We never had drug insurance because our medicine was less than the cost of the insurance. The medicine I need is over $450 a month, but I can get it from a reputable drug company in Canada for $117. I think that is criminal that the price is four times as much in our country. It's time for our leaders to quit arguing about unnecessary stuff and start taking care of the older people who helped build this country.