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December 1, 2018 CA

I pay $242 for a three month supply of 3 drugs that I take for COPD. For a 3 month supply here in CA which Medicare Part D WON'T PAY FOR, it's $2100!!! Big Pharma are thieves and their companies need to be split up, just like Ma Bell was...

November 23, 2018 Georgia

I am currently a full-time adult college student. Even though I work as many hours I can every week, I will never be able to afford my medications. Since I am unable to work full time, I do not qualify for insurance and cannot afford insurance through the government. I am unable to fill all of my necessary medications. I have to pick and choose which medications I can't live without. My one depression medication is $365 a month. If I miss one dose of my antidepressant medication I am unable to mentally function properly. I have been struggling with this problem for almost a year now. There has been months when I haven't had food or gas to get to school, because of what little money I make. I honestly feel hopeless because I've been told many times that I don't qualify for this or that because of different [reasons]. I have even been told I qualify for free or reduced insurance but the government couldn't give it to me right now. If I can't get help with my medications for a few months, then what is going to happen to me when something extreme happens to me?

November 5, 2018 Loveland Colorado

I have chronic back pain. I have been treated by the same doctor for 15 years. I take two methadone daily and have 1 oxy for breakthrough pain if I need it. I use it about 1/2 the time. I have had to change pharmacies. They are getting very difficult to deal with. They act as if I am an addict seeking drugs. I am a retired RN whose back got injured when I was 40 and a patient fell on me as I was trying to break his fall. I am now 73 years old and worry about getting my medication all the time. I am not addicted to drugs but I am sure addicted to not being in pain. What is happening in this country is terrible. There is NO WHERE for someone with legitimate chronic pain to get relief. I predict a lot of people will be killing themselves because of the constant pain they will suffer without their medications.

November 1, 2018 Florida

I have allergies and must take shots weekly at the ENT's office. In order to receive the inoculation I must have an epi pen with me. About three years ago I needed to replace my two epi pens ( that is how the pens are packaged) that were never used. The cost with my drug insurance was almost $500 and expiration date less than a year. I chose to order from Canada and received one epi pen with an expiration date of 18 months in the future for $99.00. When it was time to reorder, I purchased one epi pen with a 21 month expiration date again for $99.00 this time from England. To me, it is ridiculous to spend so much on a medicine that I do not use.

September 21, 2018 Missouri

I was diagnosed with a form of autonomic neuropathy at the age of 18 and prescribed various drugs to combat the uncomfortable symptoms. For years I was able to obtain the generic version of drugs for $4-$10 per month, per drug, totaling about $84 monthly. Suddenly, my insurance decided it would no longer cover my medications raising my monthly expenses from $84 to over $1,500 a month. At the time of writing this, I am 23 years old and have been ordering from Canada since I was 21. Zofran (Odansetron) generic, for example, was $400 a month (for 90 pills) even with insurance under my new policy. Through [an online pharmacy in Canada], I get the same generic drug for $69 every 90 pills. It is insane to me how we as Americans allow Big Pharma and insurance companies to control the cost of our medications. Until things change here in the United States I will continue to order my medications from Canada and I advise others to do the same, especially those on tight budgets or fixed incomes.

September 13, 2018 American Fork

Several years ago I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye and prescribed Restasis (cyclosporine), which was not covered by my insurance. When I took the prescription to the pharmacy I was told that the cost was $250/month! There was no way I could afford $250/month for these drops. Fortunately, my father told me about [an online pharmacy in Canada] and recommended I contact them to get this prescription. Their price for Restasis was 1/3 the price at the least expensive pharmacy I could find where I live. If the US continues to refuse to work on lowering pharmaceutical costs for all medications and Americans, then thank goodness we have this option.

September 4, 2018 Texas

My income is $40,000 a year. My mortgage, insurance and taxes on my house come to $18,000. Supplementary health and car insurance come to $5,000. That leaves me $17,000 for food, utilities and all other expenses. Stiolto costs $12,000 in the US and $1200 from Canada. I can manage $1200. No way can I manage $12,000!

August 13, 2018 Arkansas

I'm a 67 year old retiree who had his prostate removed in 2014 and my doctor prescribed cialis to combat impotence, or erectile dysfunction. My insurance won't cover what they call cosmetic drugs but I think as long as I'm under the care of my doctor this drug should be covered through my insurance. The drug is so expensive it forces me to order from Canada, which I think is disgraceful of my own country to put medicine out of reach for people like me and Congress should be taking a long hard stab at correcting this heavy burden.

August 7, 2018 Cleveland, Ohio

I had my prescriptions filled by [an online pharmacy in Canada] for three years. Now the IDIOT politicians are forcing me to pay SIX times as much for the name brand, or THREE times as much for the generic. IDIOTS from both sides of the aisle knocked down a bill to allow importation from Canada to continue, so don't think that your party is better then the other in this regard. Importation of drugs from India or China is dangerous, but Canada has good safety and quality policies regarding their drug companies. Hope to see our Canadian neighbors able to serve us again soon!

July 13, 2018 Texas

For sixteen years, I have ordered and received prescription drugs from Canada. I have never had a problem and have saved thousands of dollars receiving the same medications in the same manufacturers' containers with the same labeling as those medications I had previously purchased in the United States. I was saddened to learn that this is no longer possible. Why would the pharmaceutical companies punish the citizens of their own country? It can only be greed, made possible by their Lobbying of Congress and their support for those elected individuals in Congress who are also consumed by greed and have no compassion for their fellow man.