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June 22, 2017 Louisiana

I contracted parasitic worms for the first time in my life. Treatment requires taking one pill. In the USA it cost $423.00 and is not covered on my insurance. In Canada, this same pill cost $13.23. It is not medicine that is a controlled substance or any real danger to anyone. However, the parasite I contracted is highly contagious to others.

June 22, 2017 Westminster

We use Premarin Vaginal cream, it is essential for personal comfort, the cost from local pharmacies is triple the cost from [online pharmacy in Canada]. I am older and on a fixed income this is a really big deal. The [online pharmacy in Canada] are helpful and meticulous and always take care of me for a third of the cost.

June 19, 2017 Florida

I need Alrex Eye Drops. My insurance company says that they are not medically necessary, because there are others cheaper drugs that will treat my eye condition called Dry Eye. However, the generic requires they be used every 1-2 hours. This would prevent normal sleep and over an extended period cause psychosis. The generics also have a side effect of depression, for which I am being treated. My ophthalmologist says they are necessary because I take antidepressants. If I bought the drops in the US, they would cost me $500 per month. How can I afford that on a fixed income?

June 16, 2017 Texas

Diagnosis - myathenia gravis. Unable to swallow and slurred speech. Drug Pyridostigmine Bromide cost $5100 for 90 day supply or $756.00 a month after heated negotiations with Humana and Tom Thumb. Able to get same Rx from [online pharmacy in Canada] for $1.34 a pill ($300.00+) for 90 day supply. SAVED husband's life and quality of life!

June 16, 2017 georgia

My wife cannot take the generic meds of Effexor and for both of us synthroid. These meds are very expensive. We save hundreds and hundreds of dollars that would cause a financial burden without the Canadian option.

June 12, 2017 Alabama

When your drug becomes expensive and you fall between the cracks for help financially you search for an alternative and with luck can find it a lot cheaper through Canada

June 9, 2017 Denver, CO

I am currently unable to work due to a disability. Medicaid does not cover a medication that I've been taking for over a decade, so I would have to take an inferior medication that would require more frequent daily doses and a greater possibility of side effects. Buying from Canada is the only way that I can afford the drug that I need and know that I can tolerate.

June 9, 2017 Texas

It takes a little time but by buying just one of my prescriptions online from a prescription company outside of the USA it saves me over $1600.00 for a 90 day supply. Being uninsured means I need to save anywhere I can on medical costs.

June 6, 2017 FLORIDA

I take several very expensive medications daily. For one, the price for a 1 month supply was $800. I am well insured and this is the deductible. Another medication, an aerosol corticosteroid, is $150 per container - and they are small. I paid the fees and got hold of [an online pharmacy in Canada]. They were very supportive. The total cost for the first prescription was $75. I had to correct them, but they read the prescription back and the price. I was embarrassed and felt the fool. I was being held ransom by an American drug company. The corticosteroid was 3 bottles for the same price as one here in the land of the free. Free? Not for me. Please understand that this is indefensible and predatory. If that is how we have volunteered to be situated, I respectfully submit my allegiance to fair minded sanity in Canada. Thank you gentlemen for your efforts. I hope somebody reads this and contacts me.

June 4, 2017 WA

Originally, I was covered in the US for the name brand Wellbutrin and it worked well for me. I went through the proper US channels to get Wellbutrin XL 150, then new insurance would only cover a GENERIC which did not work for me at ALL, and my new insurance would not cover name brand at all. The name brand became $1,200. - $1400. for a 30 day supply. It was a nightmare! Not taking the name brand left me in a bad state mentally, but I just could not afford it. Someone suggested going to Canada to get a reasonable price. Now I can get name brand for $150.00 for a 90 day supply. Much more affordable!