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May 2, 2018 Cape Cod, MA, USA

It's naiive to believe that Big Pharma is not making money selling their drugs in
Canada for a far lower price than in the USA. We are being gouged by our government
(busy pushing opioids) and Big Pharma. If I can not buy from a reputable, ethical
source like Canada, I will not be able to buy my prescriptions.

May 1, 2018 WI

Before I retired at 62 I had to buy some of my prescriptions in Canada. Some of them were not generic here but were in Canada. That's the only way I could have afforded them. I was very glad I could get them at a much cheaper rate.

May 1, 2018 NC

I have been purchasing one of my very expensive acid reflux medications from Canada. This medication is specifically prescribed by my Gastroenterologist because no others have successfully controlled my acid reflux. This medication costs 3 times in the USA what it costs purchasing from Canada. I am on a very low income and would not be able to take this medication were I not able to buy it from [an online pharmacy in Canada].

May 1, 2018 SC

My medication is much cheaper from Canada than at home, even with Part D Medicare! What are the Canadians doing that the USA can't or won't do?

May 1, 2018 IN

[An online pharmacy in Canada] is a superior company to deal with. Pricing, fast shipping and staff are awesome! I can purchase a 3 month supply of Albuterol for $56.85 from Canada where in the States the same inhaler for 1 month supply is $79.00 and the Flovent FHA inhaler for a 3 months supply from Canada is $158.49 where if bought in the States, 1 month would cost $146.00 for 1 month supply. Talk about price gouging...Politicians & Pharmaceutical Companies in the US are making out like fat cats. I'd especially like to thank ... Cory Booker for selling Americans out when voting against buying drugs from Canada. You need to be removed from your position! Either the States need to drop prescription drug costs drastically or continue to let people from the States purchase their prescriptions from Canada! This is crucial for seniors who are on prescription medicine on a regular daily/monthly basis.

May 1, 2018 PA

When I retired I lost my prescription plan. A drug I had formerly been paying $15 co-pay was suddenly $300 at my local pharmacy. My friend who is a doctor recommended a pharmacy in Canada. There I pay $100. Although this is still a lot of money, I am able to continue purchasing it. At $300 I would probably have suffered the consequences of discontinuing the medication, resulting in a loss of quality of life.

May 1, 2018 Florida

As a 70 year old woman, the only way I can afford my medication is to get it from Canada. Ninety days worth cost me $45.00. When we moved I ran out before I could get new insurance and a new doctor to refill my medication. They wrote me a script that I could send to my Canadian Pharmacy and gave me a small script of 20 pills I could fill until my new script arrived. I took it down to [a US retail pharmacy]. These 20 pills cost me $110.00. I am also allergic to bee stings. My Epipen used to cost me $100. Now I can't even afford to get that at a cost of $600. So I hope to God, if I get stung I am close to a hospital. This country is shameful with the lobbying of the drug companies paying for Congress to look the other way.

May 1, 2018 NH

I have an 11 year old dog with pancreas problems, who needs enzymes on every bit of food she gets. The absolute cheapest source of Creon in the US (as per, using a coupon) is still 10.8 times the price from [an online pharmacy in Canada]. Even with pet insurance, we could not afford to keep the dog if we had to buy locally.

April 30, 2018 Wa

My wife needs to use Glumetza to control her diabetes and cannot use the generic form of Metformin. The cost of a 90 day supply is $16,000 in the US, while the cost from [an online pharmacy in Canada] is $387.40. We could not afford to get the pills from our drug plan. We would have to forgo or reduce the amount that she would take, which is definitely not ideal. However this would be the only way we could do it.

April 29, 2018 Texas

It absolutely unconscionable that the medication I need, Premarin, costs $60 in Canada and $500 in the US, for an equivalent supply of the same medication. I have had a total hysterectomy including loss of ovaries, and require this medication to protect my bones. The unmitigated greed of Big Pharma in the US is completely corrupt and frankly evil. People who are ill must do without their medications owing to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry in the US, and to the corruption of the politicians who have sold their souls to the pharmaceutical companies, among others.