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March 15, 2019 MA

My father, George, suffered from dementia. His doctor prescribed Memantine Hydrochloride. The cost at a US pharmacy was about $300 monthly. I was told about an online pharmacy in Canada by a friend that was much cheaper. I looked up the medication on their website and found they offered the med my father needed. I was totally astounded that I could purchase three months of this prescription at half the cost of one month at a local pharmacy. He paid just over $150 for a 3-month supply that would have cost $900 in the US. My father passed away in March 2018. I started buying my mother's medications from Canada as well. Recently one of the shipments of Lipitor was intercepted by the US Food and Drug Administration. My mother received a letter from them saying: Under FD&CA Section 503(b)(4), 801(a)(3) Misbranding "The article has been determined to be a prescription drug but does not include the symbol "RX only" on its label. " The letter also stated that she was given the opportunity to respond to a notice that the articles are subject to refusal of admission into the US and subject to destruction. She never received such notice as I am her POA and receive all her mail. The prescription was never destroyed and she actually received them before I received the letter from the FDA. I can't imagine how disturbing this could be to an elder dependent on receiving affordable medications and getting a letter from the FDA saying they are going to destroy their medications!

March 11, 2019 OH

One of my prescriptions was costing me $300.00 copay for ten pills/ $900.00 copay for a three month supply. I now get the same pills from Canada and pay roughly $85.00 for a three month supply. In just the past year that has saved me over $3000.00 dollars.

March 11, 2019 Virginia

For many years I struggled to pay for the meds for asthma. Often I did half the recommended dose. In 2011 I discovered [an online Canadian pharmacy] which honored American prescriptions and cost a fraction of the price in any American pharmacy or mail order service. It was still true when I got insurance and the copays were too high for me to afford to buy in the USA. I first had to fulfill the deductible, and I try to stay healthy, so it was never fulfilled until the end of the year. You just can't wait that long with asthma.
Without the Canadian pharmacy, I would not be here to tell the story. In 1998 I had a bout of anaphylaxis that almost killed me. The bills from that cost as much as my farm. It wiped out my savings and I made payments to the hospital for years. Eventually I got out from under that debt, but still needed the drugs. I sometimes worked three jobs to be able to pay for them. Today I have Medicare and supplemental insurance, but even with this, I need a cheaper option. Social Security doesn't provide enough to cover it all.

March 7, 2019 Michigan

New prescription Januvia needed for my diabetes is unaffordable with Medicare Part D. Kroger wants 430.00 per month, Humana (my drug plan) wants 600.00 for 90 days. Canadian pharmacy is 1/3rd the price. Social security is our income and isn’t sufficient to pay for this medicine.

March 6, 2019 Alabama

I, personally, have been fortunate, so far, to not need expensive meds but my husband of 52 years did and we had many years of saving money on his heart and blood pressure medicine. Unfortunately we used [name of pharmacy] with absolutely NO problems. Too bad someone messed up and got them closed down. I wouldn't hesitate to use another company in Canada in order to save hundreds on expensive medications.

March 6, 2019 Texas

I take been taking an anti depressant for fibromyalgia for years that was not available as a generic. So I bought it from Canada for years because at $250 a month it was unaffordable. I still skip doses to stretch my supply that comes now from Australia. And "generic" isn't akways the answer either. I was elated to learn that the med finally was available as a generic BUT came to learn that the generic did not work for me. This is not the only medication that generics do not work for some people. Being "bioavailable" doesn't mean the generic will have the same effectiveness as the brand name. The [name of pharmacy] has many stories of patients dealing with this issue.

February 21, 2019 Washington State, USA

Not only have I used Canadian prescriptions for over 12 years for the substantially lower prices, but I find the quality of Canadian drug brands to be superior to the ones in the U.S.

Have taken an anti-thyroid drug (thyroid suppressant) since 1979, using a branded version by a well-known manufacturer here in the U.S. Several years ago, they sold out this drug to a different company which not only jacked up the price but changed the integrity of the pills. My thyroid levels were no longer stable on this new version--different fillers, and now the pill had some coating on it so it was difficult to split into the doses I required. Tried a couple of the generic versions, and my levels were all over the map!

Someone in my thyroid group suggested I try a certain Canadian pharmacy to see what they had to offer. Their branded version of this drug was identical to the old version I'd taken for years, and I was back on track again.

Same story with the beta blocker I take. The single dose pills were phased out with the branded, and the U.S. generics were not doing the job. The Canadian manufacturer offered a quality generic version, and all was well.

When it looked like we may have been in danger of losing access to Canadian online drug sources, I read a great news article by Tracy Cooley and wrote to her. She answered me quickly and was a huge help. Tracy and the CPPI have continued to be such a great source of info, and we are truly blessed to have her on our side. Thanks so much, Tracy!

February 6, 2019 TX

This is the latest scam from insurance companies on meds:

We’ve also had it with this new “pre-authorization” scam presented by US insurance companies, who know zero about health or medications. A prescription IS pre-authorization! That’s the whole object of them. First, they refused to pay for name brand prescriptions and now they’re nitpicking on generics. The last time I was forced “to try another generic brand”, it gave me such bad chest pains, I felt like I was having a heart attack. Then they have the audacity to force me to try two.

I’ve been taking the same meds for years. I don’t need preauthorization for games insurance companies play. I know what works. I don’t need some stranger that doesn’t know me from a window sill telling me what I HAVE to take.

February 6, 2019 southport, NC 28461

I had surgery for the removal of a Gasto Intestinal Stomal Tumor Feb 2013. I was prescribed Gleevec - a chemotherapy pill that I had to take daily for 3 years. The retail cost was $309 per pill / $112,785 per year / $338,355 for 3 years. This is insanity. Through my insurance I was able to pay ONLY $6,000 per year / $18,000 for 3 years.

January 8, 2019 Tennessee

I am retired and on Medicare. I have ulcerative colitis, among other ailments that require a daily maintenance dose of specific prescription drugs. Even though I have a Medicare Part D drug plan, I am unable to find affordable Asacol HD for the ongoing treatment of my ulcerative colitis. The cost of this drug through my Medicare Part D plan is $2,312 for a 90-day supply. I am able to acquire the same drug in generic form from a reputable Canadian online pharmacy for $158 (including shipping) for a 90-day supply. I have been working with this online pharmacy for several years (more than 5) and have had no problems with the quality or efficacy of the medication I have received.