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We need you! Sharing stories from people like you who rely on prescription importation from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies can send a strong message to elected officials urging them to take action.

Please watch this short video on the importance of sharing your story:

Please consider sharing the following information:

  • Approximately how long you have been ordering from a licensed, legitimate online pharmacy in Canada;
  • Medications that you are currently ordering, indicating specific health conditions;
  • Approximately how much money you are saving each month by ordering medications from Canada; and
  • Any additional information that you would like to include, such as whether or not you could afford the medication(s) in the U.S. or the tough financial consequences you would be faced with if you had to rely on buying your medications in the U.S.

You can share your story by recording a 1-2 minute video from your phone, which you can send to us via email at or you can send via Dropbox if the file size is too large to send via email (please use same email).

You can also share a written story using the form below or by emailing We also encourage you to send in a photo of yourself to accompany your testimonial.

Your name and contact information will never be shared with anyone outside of CPPI.

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